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1 review
I live in New York. My daughter just came home from having a baby. She lives in Virginia. I found Bellacino's nearby and ordered them dinner. They loved the food! Daughter said she hasn't had a good antipasto salad since New York! Thank you so much. They will be ordering from you now that they found you and that your food is great!!!!


3 reviews
WE. EFFING. LOVE. BELLACINO'S!! We would marry it if we could. We would have its babies. The sandwiches are killer, orders are always correct, fantastic portions, cheap price, fast delivery.... like, we may never find a perfect partner or career in this world but damnit at least we have the perfect go-to restaurant.


1 review
After reading the reviews of Bellacino's, I was a tiny bit skeptical about the delivery time but it arrived before the time quoted, everything was in the bag and our subs were warm and toasty! Very good first experience with this business!


Top Reviewer
Care was taken to deliver our order five minutes before committed time. How super was that? Incredible chicken wings! Pizza was fine though I prefer a different style of pizza that has more cheese and meat and is a little greasier.


2 reviews
Love Bellacinos! The sandwiches are priced well and every variety I have tried are delicious. Pizza is also great! When you choose bacon you get real bacon! Not the shredded stuff from a package. Highly recommend this restaurant.

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